Inertial Electrostatic Confinement

A More Modest Approach


1.  Low Expense: Kilodollar Prices!

2.  Proven Technologies, Spherical Ion Optics

A Van de Graff Accelerator [1]


Dr. George Miley's (University of Illinois) IEC-GD Device [3]

3.  Easily Controlled: Just adjust V, I, or P.

4.  Confinement Constant, a "Microstar"

5.  Easily Refueled.

6.  Easy to exploit output power:

a)  a++ particles do work on the field.

b) Fast neutrons can be used to heat water.

c) the cathode (in a large device) can be made of hollow tubing, through which a coolant heat exchange fluid may be circulated.