Philo T. Farnsworth, unsung hero and inventor of the boob tube, in addition to the fusor.  His Mark 1 is in the background over his right shoulder.

Dr. Miklos N. Szilagyi, my Electrical Engineering advisor.  Author of numerous books, among them "Electron and Ion Optics", which was of some use early in the project.  Citizen Szilagyi arrived in this country in 1974, is a Mensa, listed in Who's Who and has impeccable taste in hats. Dr. Szilagyi, being educated at Leningrad Tech., was the ideal choice for advice on vacuum tubes, which is what this device is.

Dr. William S. Bickel, Department of Physics, a professional of the highest calibre, has been the best source of practical hints and guidance on the project.  He has been so generous as to allow me the use of his lab and machine shop, and has permitted me to continue the research over the summer.  I owe ONE HELL OF A LOT to this man!

Betoh Hernandez of Hernandez Dental Laboratory in Tucson.  Betoh and his family graciously lent the use of their facilities to me when I needed to cast my cathode.  As a son of a dental technician myself, it felt good to smell the old smells, to talk the old talk again.

Bill Gates, who has created an "operating system" that truly reflects its proprietor's personality; arrogance to the point of idiocy and general non-functionality.  I thank Bill for occupying several weeks worth of what would have no doubt been idle time wasted on mere studying and other frivolous pursuits. Were it not for MicroCephal Windoze 98, I wouldn't be nearly so proficient with UNIX as I am today.

Linus Torvald, creator of LiNUX.  Without his OS, it is highly dubious if this presentation would have been completed.  Notice he likes good beer also.